Charles Lewis-Crooks, Show Dogs Handler:

''Tomas is well known for his high standards both as a groomer and show judge. Highly recomend him and his exquisite grooming parlour''

Penny Franiel, Member of British Groomers Assotiation:

''I have met many groomers in my time and think Tomas has special ways with pets. He not only grooms them perfectly but talks to them in a way that they think it is part of play :)''

Carol Ward, Schnauzer Rescue:

''Dogs groomed by Tomas are always beautiful looking and happy when back home''

Mel Sacker, Norfolk Magazine:

'' I love my foxterrier stylisation by Tomas, he looks like real Crufts winner :). Also lots of advice about grooming and health problems helped immensly''

Mike McGallivray, Halfords manager:

''Thanks to fantastic professional grooming and excellent cosmetics used in Tomas' parlour my american cocker finally has healthy skin. The parlour is beautiful and we like to go there''

Lady Blofeld:

''We have used Tomas' parlour for over 15 years and can't imagine my schnauzers being looked after anywhere else.The new premises on Magdalen Road is very impressive-we never saw that nice grooming parlour before''

Mandy and Paul Anderson-Cowles, Brickilns Restaurant:

''All my dogs are groomed by Tomas and they are much healthier and cheerful! My dogs are happy to go to Tomas, they adore him! Excellent collection service helps a lot,too!!''